Mediation is an alternative to court and is often one of the most effective ways to resolve family law issues. Mediation has long been accepted in British Columbia as an appropriate, and often preferred, way to decide on important matters, such as child care and property division, for separating couples. Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators in Port Coquitlam has an in-house mediator who can act on an impartial basis during private proceedings. Our legal counsel also represent individual parties in mediations.

Our Approach To Mediation

In our view, an effective mediator works to get to the root of what concerns each of the parties. In a family law mediation, our mediator may ask parties not only what they want — i.e., a piece of property — but why they want it. Often, when the underlying concerns of everyone are understood and addressed, resolution is more quickly achieved. The legal agreement that results is often easier for everyone to live with in the long term.

Mediation is appropriate when parties come to the process in good faith. It is private and voluntary, and parties can choose to end the mediation and go to court if it is not successful. At Laughlin & Company, we are committed to running mediations that are fair. When mediation is concluded, parties are advised to receive independent legal advice on the final settlement, so their rights and interests are protected.

Mediation In Family Law

A member of our team, Glenn Laughlin, is a certified family mediator, a certified family arbitrator and a certified parenting coordinator. He has an extensive background helping families reach practical, workable agreements for the long term.

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