Often entrepreneurs work collaboratively with others to start a new venture. When it comes time to create a legal structure for the business, many will approach a lawyer with the idea that they should form a legal partnership. While this may be the right option for some, a partnership under the Partnership Act in British Columbia comes with specific risks. Depending on the nature of the business and the relationship between owners, other legal structures such as incorporation may be more appropriate.

Our firm’s Port Coquitlam lawyers offer business partnership advice not only regarding legal structure but in the ongoing relationship between business shareholders. Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators can advise and draft shareholder agreements and, in the event of a dispute, represent interested parties in litigation.

Preventing Internal Disputes Before They Arise

One component of choosing a business structure is determining the nature of the relationship between co-owners. Drafting a partnership agreement or shareholder contract is a worthwhile endeavor for entrepreneurs who want legal tools in place to prevent extended conflict — often in court — should dispute arise over how the business is run. At Laughlin & Company, we can further discuss the nature and function of such agreements and whether or not they are right for your business.

In the event disputes ensue, we can pursue litigation based on an existing partnership or shareholder contract. Sensitive to the damage a public feud can do to your business, we offer many different means of resolving the conflict that keep the litigation out of the public eye while still enforcing your legal rights. This includes private arbitration and mediation.

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