When you are selling your home, you have many things to think about. Depending on your phase in life, you may be going to a more substantial residence, downsizing or getting out of the market altogether. Regardless of what your specific intentions are, you will have many legal responsibilities that accompany your agreement to sell your house in British Columbia.

Often, the counsel for your home’s buyer will prepare the legal documents you must review and sign for the sale to complete. Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators in Port Coquitlam can provide you with an independent review of those documents, so you are legally protected and know the transaction is consistent with your best interests.

Taking Legal Steps To Help Your Home Sale Run Smoothly

At Laughlin & Company, we will answer your questions about your home sale. Also, we will take the following actions to help ensure your sale proceeds without legal difficulty:

  • Review and discuss with you the paperwork for the sale
  • Discharge your old mortgage if necessary
  • Ensure your obligations are met if the buyer is taking over your mortgage
  • Arrange for a signature of transfer documents
  • Issue the proceeds of the sale

In most cases, the sale of a home is straightforward. Sometimes, however, there are last-minute issues that must be resolved. We have experienced Tri-Cities real estate lawyers who can act quickly and effectively to deal with whatever unexpected problems that may arise. When you come to us, we want you to feel at ease. We want you to know that you do not have to be caught unaware of unforeseen complications and you do not need to distress over unknowns in a home sale contract. We are committed to transparency and providing information and advice to clients.

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