Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators in Port Coquitlam has a comprehensive estate law practice maintained by experienced legal counsel. Our work generally falls into two broad categories: estate planning/administration and estate litigation. The first is the process of establishing your wishes for your estate and healthcare through the use of legal tools. The second is the resolution of disputes over estates.

Wills and estates is an important and ever-changing area of the law. As British Columbia families change, so do the legal strategies of members: such as parents who want to care for children of former marriages, or new spouses who want to provide for each other in their wills and plans for the end of life. As family makeup changes, so do the nature of conflicts that can arise. At Laughlin & Company, we offer Tri-Cities families services in the following areas:

Estate Planning

Estate planning includes your testamentary wishes and directives for end-of-life care or cares during a time of incapacity. Specifically, our services include:

  • Will drafting
  • Powers of attorney
  • Representation agreements
  • Trusts
  • Living wills and advance directives

Probate and estate administration is also a key part of our estate planning practice.

Estate Litigation

Estate litigation involves all aspects of contesting a will in court, as well as bringing actions for breach of trust or abuse of power of attorney. Our will contest practice includes claims brought by beneficiaries and other interested parties for reasons such as:

  • Inadequate provisions made for spousesInadequate provisions made for children
  • Inadequate provisions made for childrenInvalid will
  • An invalid will be based on the mental incapacity of a testator
  • An invalid will base on the undue influence of testator
  • An invalid will be based on technical inadequacies
  • Conflict over whether a gift or joint ownership was to be held in trust for other beneficiaries

Our estate litigation practice also includes application on behalf of family members for committees of loved ones. We also take cases of suspected elder abuse.

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These documents have distinct functions and can all play an important role in your estate plan. At Laughlin & Company, we see estate planning as a rather simple process of sitting down with you and understanding what you need. Once we have a sense of your personal and legal objectives, we can recommend the right estate planning tools for you.

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