A living will is commonly included in an individual’s estate plan. Together with a representation agreement, the living will appoint an individual to care for your health and wellbeing and sets outs circumstances under which you would no longer wish to have your life prolonged. It also sets out circumstances where you might wish to receive treatment or medications to assist you to lower your suffering even though those treatments would possibly have the effect of shortening your life expectancy.

Applicable Circumstances

One of the purposes of the living will is to ensure that there will not be a dispute amongst your family members as to the nature of your wishes in circumstances where you are unable to give the necessary direction to the attending physicians. The person appointed as your representative should be trustworthy and intimately familiar with your own personal wishes. The document will outline, at your discretion, the extent of your disability and suffering under which you might wish to have medical assistance to prolong your life discontinued. The lawyers at Laughlin & Company will help you to outline the exact circumstances under which you would want your representative to exercise his or her discretion so that at the appropriate time there will be no mistake as to what your wishes are. And if you do wish to be kept alive by artificial means in the hope that you would eventually recover, then your representative will know those wishes and will be able to bring them to the attention of the medical personnel involved.

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