Located just outside of Vancouver, the charming outskirt city of Coquitlam, British Columbia is popular with tourists who want to get out of the busy downtown area to enjoy an excellent dining experience. Whether it be a foreign cuisine or just some familiar “comfort food,” the dining scene in Coquitlam is diverse enough to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Below is a list of the five top-rated restaurants in Coquitlam; professionalism and atmosphere were also taken into account, as were prices and reviews from past customers and patrons.

A fish dish served at a Coquitlam restaurant

Saint St. Grill

If one is looking for a romantic night out, look no further than the locally-loved Saint St. Grill. With a rotating menu based on seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, there is a guarantee for something new and exciting on the menu for even local regular customers. Though many of the dishes are what some may consider high-end, they also have menu staples that qualify as “comfort food” for those who are inclined. The atmosphere has been called “romantic” and “modern” by many reviews, and the food is always worthy of being called “fine” dining.

The Bombay Restaurant

When looking to try something new and exciting, a diner would be pleasantly surprised by the cuisine at The Bombay Restaurant. With dishes featured from far eastern countries, customers will get to experience dishes that they otherwise might not have been able to before. The presentation of the food is always beautiful to behold, and the cuisine always promises to be genuine to its cultural roots.

Mega Sushi

With the sushi craze that is taking over this day in age, it can be challenging to find a restaurant that serves a decent version of the traditional Japanese delicacy. Not only does Mega Sushi fulfill this requirement, but they also serve some other traditional Japanese dishes, such as bento boxes, tempura, and many noodle dishes. This restaurant is sure to impress a first date, and it won’t empty the wallet; so there’s no downside to this traditional Japanese cuisine.

A brunch dish served in Coquitlam, BC

Dinakis Mediterranean Grill

Mediterranean food has had one of the most significant impacts on western food culture as we know it today. Between Greek, Italian, Spanish, and other different food cultures, it’s no surprise that this restaurant can be found in a populated area. From classic ravioli to a regular house burger and fries (for the less adventurous), no matter what a diner’s walk of life or taste preferences, they’re sure to find something they’ll love at the Dinakis Mediterranean Grill.

The Wild Fig

Last but not least, for the more general type of dining experience, The Wild Fig is located just outside of downtown Vancouver and has a wide selection of menu items. Their world-renowned chef makes sure to rotate the menu with seasonal ingredients, so there’s always something new, even for those who like to consider themselves regulars. From traditional Asian cuisine to more subtle, European dishes, everyone is sure to find something they like in this modern, professional restaurant.

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