Recent changes in British Columbia law have done away with legal terms such as child custody and access. Instead, the law now speaks of parenting responsibilities and parenting time, two components of child guardianship. Every day people still understand the idea of custody, however, and think of it as identifying a child’s primary caregiver.

In most circumstances, the law — and parents — prefer an arrangement that gives children the benefit of time spent with both parents and shared responsibility. Counsel at Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators knows that for many parents, stability for their children is their first priority. Our Port Coquitlam lawyers facilitate child custody discussions on this basis, with meeting the needs of children and parents the paramount concern.

Options For Parenting Responsibilities

Guardianship of children involves many responsibilities, including supervision, day-to-day decisions, obtaining medical treatment and deciding on religion, education, and healthcare. Parents know this is only a short list of what raising a child actually involves.

Upon separation, both parents continue to be guardians. Parents must decide together how to split up parenting responsibilities. These choices must be decided on the basis of what is best for the children involved. For example, it may be in the best interest of children for them to live primarily with one parent, and have that parent take responsibility for day-to-day care, while the other parent sees the children frequently.

For many years, the lawyers at Laughlin & Company have been helping Tri-Cities parents make custody decisions for their children. Our work with them does not stop once a separation agreement has been negotiated. Frequently, as children grow up and parental circumstances change, most issues will be revisited. Knowing our clients and being committed to their legal interests for the long-term, we can help them with their ongoing child custody issues, including later modification.

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