Child support is an important part of child care following separation or divorce. Support is governed in law by federal guidelines, which parents in British Columbia must adhere to. For most families, the amount is based on the income of the parents and the number of children who are to be supported.

Child support is one of a number of issues that must be decided by parents when they choose to end their relationship. Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators in Port Coquitlam can help you to understand how child support is determined, and how it fits in with other issues you must resolve with your former spouse.

Legal Guidance For Child Support And Co-Parenting

For many parents in the Tri-Cities, child support is an ongoing concern, whether they are receiving support or paying it. Like all aspects of childcare after divorce, such as custody and access, support arrangements may evolve. The economic circumstances of parents may change, due to layoffs or a reduction in self-employment earnings. Modifications to support arrangements may be made out of court or through a judicial proceeding, if necessary.

Laughlin & Company has an in-house parenting coordinator who assists guardians with ongoing issues. This includes changes to child support and changes in parenting time arrangements. Our firm is committed to providing a range of options to clients who seek our advice on how best to create a positive future for their children. In some cases, this means advocating for their rights in court — other times, it means using out-of-court means to conclude issues in a reasonable way.

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