A separation agreement is a legal contract, entered into by spouses when they end a relationship. Separation agreements are used by married people and common-law spouses alike to finalize the details of child-rearing, property division, and financial support.

Many spouses can come up with the details of a separation agreement on their own, with the assistance of legal counsel or a third-party facilitator such as a mediator. Others may require judicial intervention or a full court trial. Regardless of what works best for a particular client, our Port Coquitlam attorney firm of Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators has the experience and training to meet his or her legal interests.

Negotiating Workable Agreements

At Laughlin & Company, we are focused on achieving a workable, reasonable separation agreement from the outset. Many people engaged in separation or divorce are experiencing deep hurt and anger, and want the legal process to recognize those feelings. The purpose of a separation agreement, however, is to come up with a fair way to split up assets, provide financial stability for families, and ensure continuity of care for children. We are focused on understanding where our clients are coming from, what they need and then recommending the best legal route to resolving their concerns.

Family law in British Columbia, in particular after recent amendments to legislation, heavily favors spouses working things out on their own and not going to court. However, a separation agreement can be arrived at through many different legal means. Couples can decide privately, with third-party assistance, how best to proceed. If negotiation doesn’t work or is unreasonable under the circumstances, legal counsel can obtain a court order to get some issues resolved.

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