Divorce is governed by the federal Divorce Act. It is simply the legal end of a marriage. Usually, once a divorce is granted, a couple has already been living apart for a period of time. One of the three grounds for divorce in Canada is one-year separation, and most former couples apply for a divorce on this basis.

Pursing Our Clients Interests in Seperation

Counsel at Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators holds the view that divorce need not be messy or complicated. While we will assertively pursue our clients’ interests, we also offer a range of out-of-court solutions that help them to conclude they’re important issues and move forward with their lives. For couples throughout the Tri-Cities, our Port Coquitlam firm can assist with all stages of divorce, from initial separation through to post-divorce modifications.

Exploring Options For Divorces in Coquitlam

Divorce is granted on one of three grounds: adultery, cruelty or the spouses living separate and apart for one year. For most couples, one-year separation works best. In our practice, we start by settling the practical issues of dividing assets, childcare, and spousal support by drafting a separation agreement. After one year passes, a British Columbia court will normally grant a divorce.

Reach A Settlement

Some couples simply separate and never actually divorce. Divorce is necessary if one spouse wants to remarry; otherwise, there is no legal requirement to obtain a legal divorce. At Laughlin & Company, we will talk you through your options when you are seeking to dissolve your relationship. As mediators and committed practitioners of alternative dispute resolution, we may be able to help you reach a final settlement in private, outside of a courtroom. Sometimes, a courtroom trial is the best option for resolution, and in these cases, we are experienced and dedicated advocates in litigation.

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