Even after a couple has separated or divorced, they may still have to deal with each other as co-parents of their children. The ongoing issues of parenting time, extracurricular activities, unanticipated events and extended family contact can lead to recurring conflict between the parents. The purpose of parenting coordination is to help parents work out the day-to-day issues of raising children after separation.

Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators helps parents resolve child-related issues by working with the parties to develop a parenting plan they can both rely on, and also by resolving the unplanned-for issues that inevitably arise. This often takes the form of assisting the parents to negotiate a compromise that is acceptable to both of them. However, when called upon we will also decide on an issue after listening to both parents’ concerns.

Why Parenting Coordination?

It is widely accepted that conflict is harmful to children. Parents that have separated often have ongoing issues between them that make cooperation on raising their children especially difficult. A parenting coordinator can act as a “buffer” between the separated parents who may find it difficult to communicate with each other. By reducing the emotional intensity of a dispute, a parenting coordinator allows each parent to express his or her opinions without triggering conflict from the other. A parenting coordinator acts as a facilitator to help reach healthier solutions to the challenges of being a co-parent with a sometimes uncooperative ex-partner. By working with the parents to focus on the child, Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators helps to create healthier families and healthier children.

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