Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators has a comprehensive family law practice. We offer a range of process options that include alternatives to litigation. British Columbia has recently revised the law to, in part, place a greater emphasis on out-of-court resolution of family law disputes. We have the capacity to provide the right legal services for you as you build a positive future for your family.

As a broadly focused firm, we have the capacity to provide family business advice and reliable counsel on issues related to property division. This is in addition to the often difficult choices parents must make for their children and other important aspects of divorce and separation.

Laying The Foundation

Our legal work includes negotiation and drafting of family law contracts. Committed couples can choose to enter into a cohabitation or marriage agreement that establishes how a couple will organize their affairs during the relationship. In addition to how property is divided if the relationship ends, these contracts can lay out how the couple plans to balance home, children and work life, among other issues.

Dissolving Relationships

On behalf of clients who want to end a relationship, we assist with the immediate issues with regard to separation; this normally involves drafting a separation agreement that covers all major financial and child-rearing issues, that lead up to divorce, specifically:

As a full-service firm, we offer many routes that lead to the resolution of issues, including mediation and arbitration. Notably, we offer to parent coordination services for former spouses who need additional support to provide workable arrangements for their children. Post-divorce modification of shared parenting time and support payments, among other issues, is common, and we can help you resolve these issues with your former spouse.

Contact Us

Family law lawyers at Port Coquitlam’s Laughlin & Company assist clients throughout the Tri-Cities, including Port Moody and Coquitlam in addition to Poco. To learn more, call the firm at 604-239-0800 or get in touch online.